Founder's bio

Maple Moriji began his lifelong interest in computer programming at a very young age, starting with the TRS-80 in 1981. He subsequently moved on to the Apple ][e and IBM PC and mastered BASIC and Pascal which he used extensively until the end of the decade. By the time he was a young adult, it was apparent to him that his calling in life was software development as it came most naturally to him.

As the 1990s came, he worked with a variety of operating systems including Unix, Windows and Mac OS, programming mostly in C. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 1994 from The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science in Washington, DC, majoring in Computer Science, after which he embarked on a successful career as a software developer for the health, financial and entertainment industries.

Since the new millennium, he has worked primarily in web development using various open source technologies. Java is his favorite language to date which he has over eight years of hands-on working experience. He strongly believes in objected-oriented methodologies and refactoring code in order to make his life easier.

He currently resides in Los Angeles where he has been a resident for over ten years.